Huber Orca '59 Exceptional Spalted Maple + Orca '59 Sunburst + Gibson True Historic 59 Murphy aged

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3 Top notch Single Cuts.
I have been back and forth on all 3 of these and can't decide between them, each one is my favourite on a different day, but I have decided to reduce my collection and this is the start of that process.
Therefore, I will keep the one that sells last.

Collection strongly preferred near Wimbledon, as you can try properly.

Not looking for trades

Serious buyers are welcome to come and compare them and others in the collection.
I have a more or less soundproof room with a number of tasty amps which does them justice.

1)Huber Orca '59 Exceptional Spalted Maple top and back with Brazilian board, pickup rings, and of course the very necessary Brazilian tone and volume pots. This was circa £9k new I got it used from World Guitars for a touch less and am offering it for well under what I paid. Yours for only £6k, in tip top as new condition with hard case, Cites and Huber Cert etc. Assembled Aug 2017][img]

2) Huber Orca '59 Faded Sunburst, Exceptional Eastern Flame Maple, Spanish Cedar Body, upgrade to bound Brazilian Rosewood Fingerboard.
This is also in exceptional condition (as good as new) and is a Feb 18 guitar with Cites, Cert etc. Also bought from World Guitars who have the exact same spec currently listed at £6,595 and just sold a used one at circa £5.5k.
So a veritable bargin at £4,750

3) Gibson True Historic '59 Les Paul Murhpy Aged (will finish this later as the wife is saying we are late for lunch)

Back from lunch, with a very sore head...
This is 2015 True Historic spec Vintage Cherry Sunburst, it is also one of the rarer Tom Murphy aged models as well, comes with Hardcase, Certificate, all of the hang tags etc. This is a big bold sounding guitar and a real delight to play.
I believe Gibson are not making guitars to this spec any more, but with Gibson you never know what they may do.
I have seen this spec up in Reverb for all sort of prices generally north of £6k to north of £7k, I am looking for £5,750.
They were circa £8.5k when new.

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