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Great forum! Look forward to getting into it and learning more from you wise folk.

I recently launched my humble brand Loaded for Bear Audio to bring together some ideas and cable designs that I've been working towards for just over a couple of years. A full time job, a house renovation and two young kids have forced me to take it slowly, but I think that's a good thing and I'm pretty happy with where I'm at to start with. There's a lot more to come.

I've been an audio engineer for just under 20 years now and have been making my own cables for much longer than that since I started playing guitar when I was 11. However simple they are, I have always had an appreciation for their importance in maintaining a reliable signal chain and probably get more excited than I should do over braiding, connectors and heatshrink!

I wanted to make a cable that would not only perform to a high standard, but that would look great too. I find it a real shame when I see great kit hooked up using mediocre and generic cables.

Many cables often use plastic moulded connectors which are impossible to repair and as such can only be disposed of once faulty. My cables are fully repairable as all components are replaceable and reusable. The braiding makes them more robust whilst maintaining great flexibility and makes coiling them less troublesome. I want to reduce the amount that ends up in landfill or waste recycling processes by experimenting with the model of the circular economy, but with cables. So, I offer I lifetime guarantee with all cables that covers free repairs or replacements in the event of a manufacturing or component fault. In time I will attempt to reuse or repurpose stock and components to get the most use out of the materials. These will be resold in a new section of the shop as 'remodelled' and at a reduced rate (not yet live).

I currently have instrument (guitar) cables, pedalboard patch cables and instrument kits listed on my site. Very soon I'll be introducing Eurorack patches with other types planned for the near future and I'm very happy to take custom orders that fall within my brand identity. I have specifically chosen components that work for my cables so if I can't offer exactly what you're after then I'm happy to suggest alternative cable companies who may be able to help - I recognise that there may be others out there who suit your needs better. I'm ok with this.

I'd really appreciate your comments and feedback on any part of what I do. I'm just here to share my ideas and to learn, so please be honest. Just a note: there are tons of people out there who love to get into arguments about the tech spec of system designs, cable capacitance and tone, the correct way to solder etc. I'm not one of them. I find it all too subjective. While I appreciate there's a place for this type of conversation, I've been doing this too long and don't have the energy. I have confidence in what I do and accept it may not be aligned with every other person's idea of what is correct. These days I tend to be more interested in how folk use their kit and what they do with it, so if you want to challenge me on my choice of solder, the conversation probably won't get very far. However, if you'd like to discuss spoon carving and homebrewing alongside cables, we're good!

Check out @loadedforbearaudio on Instagram for updates and please check out my site https://loadedforbear.co.uk/

I'm currently running a welcome offer of 15% discount on orders of £20.00 or more until Halloween. Use voucher code HEY!BEAR 

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts. Cheers! Jon
Instagram: @loadedforbearaudio | Facebook: @loadedforbearaudio | Twitter: @LFB_Audio

Premium braided audio cables, hand crafted in the UK
| https://loadedforbear.co.uk/
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