Bridget Mermikides - New Classical Guitar Music Book (with tab)

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Today I took delivery of Bridget Mermikides new classical guitar music collection (Classical Guitar Sheet Music) - with both standard notation and tab. It is a really interesting and varied selection - I would say from intermediate standard upwards although some pieces I would definitely place in the advanced bracket. The content can be found on Amazon:

It follows on from her previous collections "Classical Guitar Compendium" and "Classical Guitar Anthology" - both containing similar content with interesting, mostly accessible and varied arrangements from someone who really knows how to get the best out of a guitar. IMO most of the arrangements work well on a steel-strung guitar too.

I've had some fun today with several of the arrangements - and even tricky stuff like Tchaikovsky's "Dance of the Reed Pipes" (try not to think of a famous brand of fruit and nut chocolate) seemed possible once you broke it down although I do not underestimate the challenge to play it fluently.

All of the three collections mentioned above are worth a look if you like classical music or are looking for something different to give yourself a challenge.
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