No black Friday sale

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You may have seen my post in off topic about the asbestos problems I have in my home. We've now come to a situation where I’ve got to move out of my house for at least the next 5 to 6 weeks as a consequence the workshop will also be shut down for this length of time as it is attached to the house. I'm hoping to reopen the workshop in the new year, I'm sure you will appreciate that no work will now go out before Christmas. I must apologise for this but it's out of my control.

As a consequence of the above I'm afraid my Black Friday sale may not happen this year, that's a great pity as I had loads of stuff almost ready. This year it was going to include LPJ DC’s and several basses as well as my normal different types of TC’s and Strats, it will have to wait now to the new year.

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