Voting For Composition Challenge 27

This is the combined Voting and Discussion thread.
Thanks to all that entered the competition.
Please use this thread to cast your votes for your favourite entries to Fretboard Composition Challenge

Voting System - voters can pick their top 3 favourite entries.
First choice gets 5 points - Second choice gets 3 points - Third choice gets 1 point
Entry with the most points wins.

Simply post in this thread your top three choices for winner in order, 1st choice first etc etc.
(Note for Entrants of the competition: Self Voting is NOT Allowed)

Voting ends midnight 22nd November 2019, and the top three will be announced shortly after.

The idea for this theme comes from @Fretwired in his post on July 25 at the link below:

The theme for this one is: "A track with only guitar on it - you can use multiple guitars (bass, electric and acoustic) but no drums or keyboards or brass. So it could be an acoustic guitar piece or a multi-guitar piece - you could create a rhythm by banging your guitar. You can use as many guitar effects as you like but no guitar synths".

Below is the playlist of entries:
Each entrant has also provided a picture, which becomes a bit bigger if you click on the individual track in the Soundcloud playlist.

It's not a competition.
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