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Hi all
Having a de clutter and up for trade for a job lot of parts and stuff..
1. Boss tu-70 tuner
2.10 pedal connectors
3. 2 Mooer connectors 
4. Stew mac shim 0.25 (Gone)
5. Trem arm and black switch tip
6. Various valves EL84 x3, 6CA4 x1
7. Fender Strat string tree
8.glass slide
9.Zaolla patch cable
10. Cable cutter and 4 plugs...I think were planet waves but can’t be sure 
11.short Speaker cable 
12. Planet waves strap and strap lock things
13. EL34 valves (Gone)
14. Norman Harris confessions of a guitar dealer hardback 
15. Lonely Boy Steve Jones hardback 
16. Frankie Boyle Hardback 
17. Peter Kay Hardback 

Looking for a pedal of some description, tremolo, Chorus, MXR micro flange, Skreddy swirl or try me.... Trade value wise I’ve no idea but I ain’t using this stuff and thought it’d be interesting to see if I can turn it into something I will use.... 



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