FS: Wolfetone Dr Vintage New and Unused - 4-wire, uncovered, unpotted, and unused - £180

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I have a matched pair of Wolfetone Dr Vintage AlNiCo II, which some say may be the best PAF-style pickups out there. I bought them earlier in the year directly from Wolfe online to fit them to my existing guitar, which is also now for sale, as I realised I wanted a semi-hollow. I never got around to fitting them, so here they are. The pickups are of the 4-wire type, uncovered (black), unpotted, and never used. They are also with short legs, as per the photos. Maybe someone is interested? Thanks for looking!

Neck: 7.7kΩ/4.5H
Bridge: 8.2kΩ/5H

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