Vintage JMI Vox AC-50

I have a vintage AC-50 that I've restored - the cabinet was bare wood when I got it, I recovered it in the correct vinyl, with piping, grill cloth (although I used the earlier brown checked cloth rather than black), logo, etc.  The control panel is somewhat corroded, but that I left alone - it looks as though the original grey paint either wore off or was removed, so only the brass/gold paint remains.  I also restored the amp itself, replacing tubes, capacitors and resistors as necessary.  The result is quite a pretty beast, loud as anything but sounding amazing at any volume - and it's a dream with pedals.

Lots of people are asking silly money for these, but I got it cheap years ago and bringing it back to life was a labour of love.  £800

100% positive feedback on eBay (mylescdavis).

Will be VERY well packed for shipment.  Paypal OK, bank transfer preferred.  Local pickup in East Devon is fine, but cash on collection only.
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