SOLD: Apple TV // Headphones // BluRay Player // Camera // Cables

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On the back of a previous thread here's some stuff I no longer use/have a need for:

Apple TV 4th Gen 32 GB 

Great device, easy operation. Now I have a PS4 it's a bit overkill to have this just for the ITV app/Coronation Street. Despite a few scratches near the HDMI slot, it's in overall very good condition and fully functioning without any issues. No box or HDMI cable but comes complete with power and lightening cable, and will be packaged securely. £80 posted.

Philips Fidelio X1 Headphones

I absolutely love these headphones. They sound superb and even better if run through a good DAC. They're really comfortable to wear, too, thanks to the generous memory foam padding. I'll be sad to see these go but the truth is I've not worn them for a good while, so someone else might as well be enjoying them. I guarantee whoever buys them won't be disappointed. Complete with box and manual/brochure. £80 posted.

Panasonic DMP-BDT180EB BluRay Player

Good quality Panasonic BluRay player which allows you to stream Netflix, YouTube, BBC iPlayer and other apps. Also supports 4K upscaling and has a USB slot for other format playback. Comes complete with box and instructions. £40 posted.

Olympus AF-1 Super Camera

More for the camera enthusiast and possibly a bit niche for this forum. Nevertheless, apart from some minor abrasions on the outer casing, here's a very clean Olympus AF-1 Super complete with box and instructions. Everything lights up, the flash flashes, and it's in good working order. Ebay prices vary somewhat, but before I send it there £75 posted.

Youkamoo Stereo Jack to 4-pin XLR Female Cables

Three 20cm cables, two 3.5mm and one 1/4 inch, all stereo. Gold plated. Absolutely no use to me whatsoever. £35 posted for them all. 

That's it for now. I'm going to have another rummage and may add some more stuff later on 
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