Onboard Distortion on TC Nova System ?

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jeztone2jeztone2 Frets: 1355
edited December 2019 in FX
Does anyone know what circuit it’s based on?

After a false start with modelling, I was so confused as to how to proceed with my rig I bought a used TC Nova System and fell in love with it. I’ve been using it for the last six months and aside from reliability issues. It sounded great. 

As the only thing lacking was the build quality. I went and got a NOS G-System for under £400 on Black Friday. 

Now I’ve plugged in my trusty distortions to the G-System and realised that they feel completely overgained compared to using the onboard distortion on the Nova. 

I think it’s based on a Fulltone OCD, but does anyone actually know? 
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