Legal blurb for CD (mix of original, covers and traditional stuff)

Can anyone suggest a good standard bit of legal blurb to put on a live CD I'm putting together?

It's a folk band, so some of the tunes are our originals, some are covers still in copyright and others are old traditional pieces that we've arranged.  It's a short run, so I've paid for an MCPS license from PRS.

On the track listing I've credited all the writers next to each song

Would you put (c) and (p) 2019 with the band name, or should I say something like "all songs (c) to the listed artists" or something else?  Obviously we want to protect our original songs, and the recordings of all the tracks

I can't seem to find any definitive guidance online.  I've left queries with PRS and the MU but nobody's got back to me yet.  I want to submit all the artwork ASAP to meet a deadline, so I'm hoping someone on TFB can offer some advice!
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