Line 6 HX Effects one expression pedal for Wah AND Volume

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I have two expression pedals connected to the HX Effects. I have the wah set so it is switched off when in the heel position and switches on when you move it. I use the other expression pedal for volume. Ideally I would like one pedal to do both jobs - mainly to save space and weight. I have looked at the Mission Line 6 Helix pedal with toe switch but am told this does not work with the HX Effects apart from the fact it is really expensive and weighs a lot. Currently I use two Roland EV5s and those alone have saved 2Kg from my old dunlop wah and volume pedals.

I was wondering if I could use one pedal by building a toe switch into the pedal so that it would control an A/B box (I would put this inside the single expression pedal) With the switch in one position it would connect the pedal to expression input 1 for the wah and with the switch in the other position it would direct it to expression input 2. I would have to do something like set the wah to turn off when it stays in the toe down position for one second - then I could press the toes switch and get the volume control perhaps.

The only other way I can see it is to use a built in Audiofront MIDI expression unit to control the switching of the effect with a toe switch but I am loathe to add more things that need power to my pedalboard.

Any help much appreciated.
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