FS / 2003 Gibson Les Paul Standard w/ Bigsby *NOW FOR SALE @ £1375 shipped*

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NOW FOR SALE @ £1375 shipped

2003 Gibson Les Paul USA Standard
Aftermarket bigsby fitted (could be returned back to a stop tail very easily - all parts included)

This is a MONSTEROUS Les Paul which has been gigged and well loved. It has aged beautifully with the gloss finish dulling to that nice / subtle "worn in" vibe. Neck is a 60's slimmer profile and the frets have plenty of life in them. Guitar has just had a service and has been restrung with 10's. This is VERY Keith Richards! Complete with tan leather factory hardcase which is well worn and has a couple of clasps and some tolex missing but does the job alright

Trades also welcome for AVRI Strat/ ES345 / Fano JM / SUHR Strat or Tele .. W.H.Y?

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