SOLD - Warmoth Black Korina F-Hole Chambered Strat Body - XMAS PRICE DROP to £300

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Weight - super light Black Korina @ 1.68 Kilos / 3.7 lbs - stripped of the original unlovely & heavy satin poly and completely refinished in a light and flattering satin nitro. Otherwise factory original. Factory routed for Wilkinson VS100 but previously used with a Wudtone conversion trem system as pictured in photo below on another Warmoth body with same rout. Inserts pictured work with both the VS100 & Wudtone conversion Trem and these are included. Wudtone also do a Fender American Standard conversion trem system with vintage and modern string spacing options in addition to their VS100 kit, making it possible to load this body with just about any standard trem system you prefer.

With shipping & import duty/taxes north of £550 for the body alone + the nitro refinishing costs - looking for £350 + shipping

 XMAS SPECIAL! - £300 + shipping SOLD


Treat yourself to a cheeky Christmas pressie

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