FS - Gil Yaron Lyra 2019 (Further Reduced to sell...Again)

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I am probably going to regret this...

Background, I purchased this directly from Gil a few months ago, it’s one of the 1st batch of 2. Absolutely stunning guitar. In every way. Plays like a dream, sounds unlike anything else.

But... for me it’s too good, like a piece of art. I can’t gig it as I’m scared to ding or damage it. 95% of my playing is live so it sits in the studio not being used and it’s criminal.

I already have a GY59 & GY57 GT which are toured and gigged all the time. I don't think its right or fair to own a Yaron especially to this quality and not allow it to be played like it should be. 

It needs to be played.

Mahogany Lyra:
* pre 1970 CITES certified BRRW board

* GY PIO large Custom caps (0.020MFD 0.013MFD)

* Patented Lyra (LSC) PAF PU’s and circuit

* NOS 50's harness and PU lead wires

Hard shell ATA case

£7000 + Shipping

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