Breaking my Bitsa more pics added

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Trying to stay within the rules on this one but we have discussed this particular guitar here and here

So... Listing this as parts because ideally I want to keep the sperzels for my new guitar

Charvel Neck very chunky bought from a dealer at  Bristol Guitar show with genuine stamps on £75 (does need new nut as low E slot broken) GONE

Sperzel Locking machine heads 6 off £80 this is the new price for the set as I want to keep them ideally

Brandoni body painted by me £50  

Brandoni HOtrail single coil sized humbuckers x3 £20 each £60

Genuine Carvin SSS scratchplate pearloid £20

genuine Wilkinson trem bridge knife edges showing quit a a bit of wear but still good £30 . 

Neckplate stamped Fender believe it came from a jap 62 re issue but was in my parts bin £10

Knobs from parts bin             £5

Job lot price £250

Location Shepton Mallet
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