SOLD - prewired Bare Knuckle Mothers Milks with pots switch and pickguard

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Been using them for a decade in my Classic Player 60s Strat and I'm going to assemble something else this year so fancy a change up. 

This is them testing a new fuzz face

And with a bit of gain from a Barber Gain Changer

This is some really bad Hendrix playing I did to announce the birth of my kid. Strat with these picks making a cameo in the background.

And this is me pissed out of my head playing along to Purple Rain years ago  with copious amounts of gain. Listen from 3.50 as the early clean stuff is awful(er).

EDIT: Advert changed. 

So as I am doing a new build I am offloading the Bare Knuckles along with the pots/switch/pickguard etc. So just solder to the output jack and trem claw and you are good to go. 

Set of Bare Knuckle Mothers Milks
Volume control is a CTS TVT (true vintage taper) that's like less than a month old. 
Switch was upgraded years back can;t recall what it is but still works perfectly. 
Tone controls are stock Fender - Neck and bridge pickups wired to the tone controls. Mid pickup not affected by tone controls. 
No treble bleed because I use fuzz faces and it doesn't play nice with them. 

Will include the pickups covers and pot knobs/switch tip too and the pickguard. 
Pickguard has a couple of little scratches on it but that's all vintage looking - basically this is being thrown in so no discount if you don;t want it! Pics here. 

I might wipe the dust off them too as it's not vintage correct! £170 posted PPG. 

Would swap for a fancypants vintage Strat bridge - Mark Foley or Callaham etc. 

My Trade Feedback Thread is here

Been uploading old tracks I recorded ages ago and hopefully some new noodles here.
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