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For those that don't follow our social media feeds or have no idea what we do, I am going to upload some pictures of custom work we have made this year, projects, amp builds etc.

2019 was a pretty busy year supplying loads of parts and kits to DIY hobbyist and many of the boutique builders around the world too, we had a good number of custom amp builds this year too and will be looking to increase that side of the business next year.

Thanks for looking and Happy New year to all our Fretboard friends!

First up, this is a sneak preview of some products we have been working on, solid state power amps in pedal, we have several versions on being tested at the moment, the idea is to put this between a helix or pedal board and a proper guitar cabinet. It works flipping well and is more than loud enough for practicing/church gigs etc Will hopefully have a few to try out at the guitarshow in February.

Also on the Pedal front we started a Pedal building course where you can come and build a fuzz Pedal with me, so far it had been well attended and everybody has really enjoyed it.

Another Klon Clone I built on my summer holidays, this thing works very well, great with just about any amp, If I could do this in a higher quality format then it would be smashing.

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