Hello from a new member

As a new member I am sorry if I have posted this in the wrong section (not to computer savvy -showing my age a bit). My name is Ronald and I am using the name Ronold as that user name was available. I reside in Western Australia with two Labradors and a Cat. I am a few days from my 60th birthday (no presents please -ok maybe just a couple), I work as a handyman and enjoy mostly sixties to eighties music (starting to sound like a dating agency application) if I had to pick a favorite song- Aqualung / Jethro Tull other greatest songs for me are Bohemian Rapsody, American Pie and Good Vibrations. But I also like most live music- Opera being the exception. My favorite instrument is my mid-seventies Fender Strat, it is so forgiving (and it has a lot to forgive). I play only for my own amusement (neither side of the brain being very gifted).

I came across "The Fretboard.co.uk" while looking for solutions to get my Heil talkbox working, I see others have had troubles similar to mine. I will do a separate post. In the meantime, I look forward to getting to know other members and learning from the various posts. Thank you kind regards, Ronald.
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