FS/FT Laney Cub12 w/upgrades - SOLD

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Selling my Laney Cub 12. This is the non-reverb version but has had speaker upgrade to a Celestion Vintage 30, and the valves have been replaced to:
  • 2 Specially Selected Harma ECC83-Retro - one was damaged and was replaced by Watford Valves with a more expensive Groove Tube 12AX7M
  • 1 Specially Selected & Balanced Harma ECC83-Retro for the phase splitter
  • 2 Specially Harma EL84 Retro matched pair
The amp sounds like a halfway house between Marshall and Vox. It's hard to explain other than it sounds distinctly "British". Gets very loud when turned up, but can be tamed to bedroom levels with the <1W setting. On/off LED isn't working but that's an easy fix and its never bothered me.

Pictures - http://imgur.com/a/wSPaCuV

Only selling as I want something more Fendery or out-and-out Voxy. If you have something along those lines (HRD, AC10, Kustom Coupe or similar) and are interested in a trade with a bit of cash adjustment either way then let me know. Otherwise price is £150 collected from Birmingham, which I think is more than fair given the money put into upgrades. 

Will post at buyers cost, should be around £20 for mainland UK Delivery
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