SOLD! FS - PRICE DROPP pickup clearance

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All prices including delivery - preferred PayPal gift OR without then add 4% on top for the fee charge..
Ping me an email if you need photos please..

*Price dropped
*Seymour Duncan Tele Hot Rails bridge £50 - it will come with the box for little ‘59 SOLD

*Price dropped
Seymour Duncan TB10 Full Shred black £49 SOLD

*Price dropped 
Tonerider TRT2 Hot Classics Telecaster Pickup Set £40 SOLD

These ones come with the original boxes:
Tonerider TRH2 Generator neck zebra £25 SOLD

Tonerider Octane Alnico 8 bridge (F-spaces) zebra £30 SOLD

Tonerider AC2 Alnico2 bridge black £25 SOLD

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