SOLD: Gretsch G5120 (2009) with genuine Gretsch case, upgraded pickups, Made In Korea

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Gretsch G5120 guitar with genuine Gretsch case, upgraded pickups, Made in the Samick/SPG factory, Korea.

These Seymour Duncan Vintage Blues 59 model (P.A.F. style) sound great in this, very cool vibe, around 8.2k output, Alnico V.  Bridge has been professionally pinned and it’s set up for gauge 10 strings.  Made In Korea. Condition is excellent, with only superficial swirling under bright light.

Open-minded on trades with cash either way. £500 or so trade value. 

Based near Carlisle, Cumbria. 

IMG-1770 IMG-1771 
IMG-1772 IMG-1773 IMG-1774 IMG-1776 IMG-1777 IMG-1778
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