FS: Gibson Les Paul Classic Premium Plus 2001 £1750 sold pending usual

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Evening all,

Up for sale today is my Gibson Les Paul Classic Premium Plus. It’s a 2001 which is the last of the good wood era classics.

These aren’t to be confused with the more recent classics. These were an upgrade on the standards of its day and then a further upgrade for the Premium plus top. This is a proper custom shop level top. When I first played it I genuinely picked it over custom shop’s that were available to me.

It’s in good nick, but it’s been played. Got some buckle rash but nothing to write home about. 60’s profile neck, abr1 bridge.

It’s an ex Gibson Artist guitar, it was most likely an endorsee’s guitar which was eventually returned to Gibson as they ‘lend’ guitars out. This must’ve been the pick of the bunch as it has an incredible top, one piece pack and is the perfect weight at 9lbs by my bathroom scales.

My only reason for sale is GAS (I’m getting a Martin 000), I got rid of all my les Paul’s apart from this one but I’ve been playing my fender’s more. Included in the sale is a late 80’s Gibson chainsaw case which are undoubtedly the best Gibson Cases. I kept this behind from a previous guitar because it was so good.

I was going to put some 80’s Greco Dry pickups in it, ive got nothing else for them to go in so they can go with the guitar for the asking price. More than happy to do the usual meet-up in a car park or come over and try it first I’m in Epsom, Surrey. I can also ship via UPS which I imagine will be £30 or so.

I really want a sale only however if it was a chunk of cash and something else try me, worst I can say is no.

£1950 price drop to 1850, drop again to 1800, 1750.


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