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So the clear out continues of stuff I have acquired over the years

Bob Dylan Greatest hits song tab edition £5 sold

Rare Joni Mitchell Anthology song book £10 sold

Play acoustic guitar with Bob Dylan + CD £5

The essential Bob Dylan £5

Bob Dylan 4 chord song book £5

Trinity College initial rock and pop guitar £3

Absolute beginners Guitar omnibus edition + CD £5

The complete guitar player book 1 £3

Rock school grade 6 + CD £3

Play Stereophonics hits £3

Play better guitar hardback £5

Fender Custom shop 2 X 6 inch patch cables £5

2 X Martin leather headstock ties £5 each

Korg CA30 Tuner boxed £5

Snark headstock tuner black boxed £5 sold

Santa Cruz parabolic tension strings £10 sold

Santa Cruz mid tention strings £10 sold

Elixer Acoustic phosphor bronze 12-53 strings £10

D'Addario phosphor bronze acoustic strings 12-53 3 pack £15

Planet Waves Jerry Garcia woven strap leather ends £10

Play Acoustic Guitar and Better Acoustic Blues DVD's £2

Play Classical Guitar DVD £1

12 X rock/lead guitar DVD's £10

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