FS/ Orange Rocker 30 combo w/ footswitch NOW £400

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£450 now £400 collected from South London Forest Hill/ Catford area. 

Would trade for ChaseBliss Blooper

 Orange Rocker 30 Combo (bought new in 2009 ish) :

 Played a few shows/recordings  with it over the years. Always had compliments on the sound from those who played through it and sound engineers at gigs. Really loud when needed and more than enough for small/ medium stages with a very loud drummer. Sounds great driving a 4 x 12 as well. I have often used the clean channel at low volumes great base tone. 2 Channels ( Clean and Dirty) loaded with a nicely worn in  Celestion Vintage 30. 

These are well regarded, UK made and becoming  desirable. Always been very reliable, compact but powerful and built well. 

The amp it self is in v good condition. I have the footswitch also which is included ( A fair few scratches on this)

Will include some of the scuffs but not many. If you want to see any specific pictures let me know.

I have moved to a portable Quilter type set up for recording and occasional shows and doing more ambient type stuff now and just think I should move it on. 

Collection from South London only. You are welcome to come and give it a whirl. 

I will give it a deep clean.







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