SOLD to that EBay: USA PRS S2 Custom 24 with birds and hard case in blue crab smokeburst

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2013 PRS S2 Custom 24 in Blue Crab Smokeburst
  • Mahogany body with a figured 12.7mm thick centre-joined and book-matched maple cap
  • Mahogany neck, rosewood board, bird inlays, pattern regular, 24 Frets, 25" scale length
  • PRS-designed pickups with coil-tap function for single coil & humbucker switching
  • PRS tremolo system (four springs in there currently)
  • Locking Tuners, Volume and Push/Pull Tone Control with 3-Way Blade Pickup Switch 
  • Hard case
  • Built in PRS’ Steevensville factory in Maryland, USA in May/June 2013 (see photos of the pickup cavities)
The neck was brilliantly described, in my experience, in a 2013 review of the S2 Custom 24 (when this version first came out) as “a very subtle hint of a V in lower positions, but actually feels quite deep and full in the palm, less 'big' than the pattern (aka the wide fat) and slightly deeper front to back than the pattern thin (previously the wide thin).” The S2 Custom 24 was also said to be the jewel in the S2 crown.

This guitar has been used well and although the frets show little signs of wear and the top and neck are in very good condition, the back and sides have dings (I have photographed the worst one).  I planned to strip the back and sides to a natural wood finish, but I have not got round to that.

This is in the odd-sounding colour of Blue Crab SmokeBurst.  It is a subtle bluey-green which has faded a bit.  My photos capture it poorly but it is a subtle finish which is not garish.

Comes with a fetching camouflage strap with locking bits.  Amp not included
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