FS; Pickups, pickups and pickups . Prices cut.

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Looking at what I've got my parts cupboard, and what I want to complete a couple of builds, and there's something of a mis-match.

So, these FS.  All prices plus postage, but I'm guessing that's only £5 per pickup.

Wilkinson P90s, set, unused, reading 7k & 9k. 
£20.  £15

BareKnuckle Tele Bridge.  I'm pretty sure this is a Brown Sugar.  Reads 8k. 
£50  SOLD.

I bought this next pair, some years ago, as a pair of vintage Mighty Mites.  Reason being that MM produced some "equivalents" of the famed DiMarzio Super Distortions back in the 70s/80s (some of my Kawais use these units).

There was a long explanation as to why the base plates were devoid of branding, which sounded reasonable to me at the time (hence I bought them), but I can't recall all the details now. 
Read 12.6k (6.2k tapped) & 12.9k (6.4k tapped).
So, just £50 £40 for the set if you fancy an experiment.

This is an old model, and not on the current website.  It came out of an NSG, so is probably mid/late 2000s.  Reads  7.4k
£50. SOLD

Gibson P100.  
No idea where I got this from, nor when, but it's been hiding at the back of my parts cupboard for long enough for me to conclude that it's not going to find a home in any of my builds any time soon.
Just over 9k.
£40. £35

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