FS- SC Relics Dakota Red relic Strat body

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I recently bought this from Scott for a project that has changed direction, leaving it surplus to requirements right now. Here’s Scott’s advert:


I did build it into a relic Strat and it was epic. It fooled a couple of folks into believing I’d mortgaged the house for a real one.
It’s seriously resonant and it sounds like a proper Strat should.
My pickguard needed one extra hole dirilling - see pics. This will be covered by whichever guard you fit. But disclosure, innit...

My crappy pics below, including one of the guitar fully built complete with Art of Ageing plastics. I’m going to sell these too as I’ve fitted them so it wouldn’t be fair to return them for a credit.However they are boxed and genuinely a work of art. 

I’ll sell the body for what it cost me (or a very close offer) £200 delivered and the aged parchment set of plastics (guard, covers, knobs, switch cap and trem arm cap) for £80 delivered (cost €116.55).


Never Ever Bloody Anything Ever.

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