NPD Tubesteader Beekeeper and the loop conundrum

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Arrived from Canada today... supposed to be Dumbley, two valves... we shall see - trying to work out how to incorporate it into the old pedalboard.... 

Now, in fairness, I haven’t tried this yet - that’s what weekends are for... 


I’m puzzling over how to use it with my MS3 - there seem to be several options. 

Bearing in mind at that I wish to retain my Duellist, Analog Alien Joe Walsh, Hudson Broadcast and Alexander Wavelength, how do I place these in three loops etc.

Option 1. Loop 1 Broadcast (this is used mostly as a cleanish boost/shaper). Loop 2 AAJW and Duellist. Loop 3 Wavelength. Beekeeper post MS3.
This keeps a fairly logical pedal
order into Preamp - conventional. 

Option 2. Loop 1 Broadcast and AAJW. Loop 2 Duellist and Wavelength. Loop 3 Beekeper.
This keeps the lowgain stuff in loop 1 and the Duellist into the modulation together in loop 2. Preamp last in loop 3.  There would be more pedal switching but hopefully not during songs (too much). 

Bearing in mind that that I like a fairly compact board and due to disability I play sitting down, the MS3 works really well for me and I use some of the onboard FX. I wonder if I really need the Wavelength... but it does a lovely harmonic Tremolo... so am I missing an obvious Option 3? Or 4? Etc etc 
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