FS/FT: Orange AD30r 2x12 combo

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30watt single channel all valve 2x12 combo.

Price: £600

Originally made in 1999, over the 8 years it has been in my possession:

  • has been serviced 3 times and revalved once by Time Travel Audio in Edinburgh.
  • Gigged approximately 10times per year, very rarely used for practice and so spents most of it’s time in the house.
  • Handled with care and not thrown around vans etc!

Comes with dust cover.

I am located in Kirkcaldy, Fife, but due to work and band commitments I am often I’m Edinburgh and Glasgow so can arrange transport of the amp if that suits. If further afield, deals on petrol sharing / postage to be discussed. I’d be happier for you to come to Kirkcaldy to try out the amp though!

Further pictures and videos to prove functionality upon request.

I’ve played this amp in both an overdriven style  in a blues rock band plus also fairly clean in a funk band, this amp has plenty of headroom and a good range of tones.

For trades, only really interested in heads or small combos, here are a few things I may look at:

  • Marshall 18 watt style heads
  • Orange AD / Thunder head
  • Fender Princeton
  • Fender tweed 5e3 type combo / head

Let me know what you may want to trade and we can discuss!

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