FUCHS ODS Classic 50w Head

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I bought myself one these last year, had it imported from the EU to the UK because there were no UK dealers (at that time- Coda Music are now though).  I would say it is a complex amp to balance out - still really getting to grips with it, playing around with different guitars and finding the best settings................sometimes, I think Oh wow, that's lovely, and then tweak it a teeny weeny bit more and it is totally different.

A great amp for sure, and to my ears - it shines particularly well with a Strat - fantastic harmonic content and range of tones, but it is without doubt a hard amp to gig with unless you are the the only guitar in the band.  It can be overly touch sensitive for fast chord work when working with another guitarist, but really comes alive for solos.  

I have learned that you really have to polish your playing, or it will expose all of your poorly executed moves.......there is absolutely no hiding place

Has anybody else tried one out?  If so, what are your thoughts?
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    Hi, I’m a newbie. I’m looking at importing exactly the same amp from Germany. Still no opportunity to buy from Coda. I’m interested to hear how you are finding the amp now? To be honest I’m a little anxious to spend on something I’ve not actually tried out.
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  • PedronisPedronis Frets: 9
    very sorry for the overly long delay in responding.  yes, it has been a while.  I got diagnosed with Cancer and have been a little under the weather for a bit =) and have not logged on.  

    The Amp is just fabulous........however, it is not an easy amp to use.  If you are the main guitar, then it is great.  You will have an outstanding command of controlled feedback, violin type overdrive and magical harmonic response. But if you have to fit in with another guitar changing from lead solos to rhythm playing and sharing the workload at a gig, it is a bit tougher to get the right settings.  very touch sensitive.........you must turn down the presence for rhythm work.

    It is a lot of cash yes, but it is a very addictive Amp.
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