SOLD: Vox AC30/6 TB Made In England - Korg era

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Lovely AC30/6 TB with Celestion Greenbacks from the Marshall built Korg era (2002)

Closest thing you'll get to an early 60's Top Boost as these were built to the exact same spec using a modern circuit board instead of a tag board. This vintage is known for their incredible reliability and vintage sound.

I have 3 AC30's, one being a '64 (with blue speakers) and this is every bit as good. In fact I was using this regularly instead of the '64 because it is more reliable.
The only reason I am putting up for sale is because the tours I do now are amp-less, so sadly I can't keep it.

There have been regular services by Henk Phillipsen and on tours it was always kept cased (touring company cases) and put on a stand.

The vinyl has a lovely vintage texture to it, not like the Chinese ones of late.
I pictured a small cloth thread that has come loose but you only notice if you're looking as you can see in the other pics.
Vib/Trem channel works perfectly with an original egg footswitch. Sounds great jumpered into the boost channel.

Please come and try it. I'm on the south coast in West Sussex

I've had that one ages darling
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