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Loneliness only adds to the anxiety.

Many of us are being cut off from our normal support structures - whether the office, the pub, or just nodding acquaintancies that we me might see day to day.

On Thursday, I had a call from someone I'd not spoken to for a good few months.  He rang just to say "hi" and just to talk to someone he vaguely knew, about stuff that wasn't Covid related.  He asked me to do the same - phone a couple of people that I'd not spoken to for a while and just say "hi".  I did and we all agreed that we'd repeat the call in a week or so.

It says that you're not alone.  It passes some time.  You get a break from the BS on social media.  It brings some of normal life back.

There's been a few people on here commenting that they're feeling isolated, etc.

Seems like something we could do here - at least we've got a common subject of interest that most of us can talk about for hours.



Now set-up using JitSi.  You can download the JitSi app for iOS or Android devices, or connect from a PC/Mac browser, or just phone in.  |    pw: theFB  |    0121 468 3154   (pin 2491 5627 27#) |  10:00 and 20:00 daily.

If you have trouble getting your camera/mic working on your desktop, follow these instructions (takes a couple of minutes).
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