Worry and anxiety - free resources

Just putting this out there in case it's useful to anyone. 

For many,   the biggest things they face at the moment are the stress and worry of the unknown.

Dealing with stress is important at all times - it's 10 times as important right now. People who are stressed do not think clearly and we all need our mental faculties running at full tilt now.

Although I don't do a lot of work in this area now, I'm a fully qualified and experienced hypnotherapist. I spent many years specializing in stress and anxiety. Both with individuals and as a consultant in businesses. 

Below is a list of resources that i created over the years. If any of them are useful to you or your loved ones then please use them with my best wishes. 

The first ones are hypnotic recordings. They are generally safe for anyone to listen to with a couple
of caveats
  • they work best when listened to with headphones
  • they must never be used while driving, or while doing anything else that might require attention. They are designed that you find a quiet place to relax and listen – most of them are around 20 minutes long
  • anyone who has a history of epilepsy would probably be better to avoid listening to them
They will play directly from the link. Anyone with any technical skills would be able to figure out how to download them too for offline listening.

Promoting better sleep
General feel good
General relaxation and stress buster.
Dealing with worry
2 minute fast relaxation

Finally, I have produced an online stress course which is video-based. It’s kind of aimed at people experiencing work stress but the advice and techniques are applicable to anyone.

I hope that some of this is useful to some people.
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