All sold - one of which was bad plan! Friedman jj jr/spawn nitro kt88’s Marshall sl5

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Tentatively posting to see if there is any interest in a swap..... looking for a Friedman BE50 deluxe and maybe a Mesa Mk v 25. Have the following which could for part of a deal.
friedman jj jr 20 watt head. As new and sounds every bit as good as you want it too and then some. Aftermarket (Marshall) footswitch as the original went MIA! Cab not included

very rare Splawn nitro with kt88’s. This is a beast of an amp. Jcm800 gone mad! Great warm clean but the lead channel is simply monstrous! Has modern and mid switch controls and 4 channel footswitch for boost and channel/od type. Very Cool amp - just google the videos. Excellent condition 

Finally a slash signature sl5 from Marshall. Pretty much as new. Has foot switch for channel and reverb. Great amp - brilliant mid gain sounds (nails appetite vibe perfectly). V30 speaker. Has useful 1 watt power switch down from 5. Louder than the figures suggest. 

Open to chat with anyone whom can talk me into this being a good idea! 

All sold...missing the JJ Jr a lot!! Looking for a be50 delux to replace or maybe even a runt....
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