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  • GuyBodenGuyBoden Frets: 541
    The idea that because guys in the 40s and 50s didn't use CST we shouldn't use CST is an oversimplification. I depends how you want to sound.  When John Scofield teaches how to improvise on "Softly As In Morning Sunrise" he discusses it purely in CST terms.  But he's not teaching us how to play like it's 1955: he's assuming you want to play like a contemporary player.  Likewise Rosenwinkel talks a lot about creative use of pentatonics.

    Some guys love that 40s/50s/early 60s bop style and they want to play like that.  They're not interested in what came after. Nothing wrong with that, and if you're one of them you should be conscious that the guys you're trying to sound like were not thinking in CST terms. 

    I can enjoy that kind of playing when other people do it well, but personally I have no interested in faithfully reproducing the styles of 70 years ago.  A lot of more contemporary players ARE thinking in CST terms, at least some of the time.  If you want to sound like them, CST will be useful. Even if I want to listen to someone play standards I’d much rather hear Rosenwinkle’s Standards Trio than some younger guy trying to sound like Grant Green or Jim Hall.

    @Blueingreen your chosen name says it all, it was the beginnings of Modal Jazz, but yes it does depend on as you stated "how you want to sound", so transcribing from your fav recordings is, as always, the best approach.

    You won't sound like Pre 1960's Jazz using the Chord Scale Theory approach, but you might not want to.

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  • imalrightjackimalrightjack Frets: 1188
    For anybody interested, my teacher is @Brad - and I'm really enjoying his approach.

    I'll report back when I'm amazing at this jazz lark.  It might be a decade or two.
    So far...so good..so what!?

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