Withdrawn Supro Thunderbolt Plus

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Hi all,

My Supro Thunderbolt plus combo is up for trade. This is the reissue model.

Features include switchable power/rectifier between 35 class A tube rectified / 45 watt class AB tube rectified or 60 watts class AB solid state rectified. Volume and tone controls and high/low inputs. It has power transformers, 2x6l6 and 1*5u4gb tube rectifier.

The speaker has been swapped for a Celestion Fullback 15 incher. This is a 100w 99db beauty.

This amp gives ya a big powerful sound with plenty of bottom end. It is loud.

Have provided a clip of me playing it clean below. It sounds great cranked up with a attenuator, I can provide a clip of that too if anyone wants it. 

All working great, brill condition.

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