PRICE DROP: Engl Powerball V1 half stack - with 4x12 with V60’s and Z5 footswitch - open to trades

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German-made Engl Powerball (version 1) 100 watt head & Engl 4x12 cab with Celestion v60 speakers.

Absolute monster of a stack. Crushing gain, pristine cleans, 2 footswitchable master volumes, FX loop and built in noise gate. Tons of options on this amp, the majority of which are accessible from the included Z5 footswitch.
I’ve had this for use on a recent metal recording at the studio and it sounded absolutely huge. Don’t be fooled by the amount of gain on tap though, it’s low-mid gain tones are seriously nice too.

The v60’s in the cab are a perfect match for it. The cab has a fair few nicks but the head is In great condition.

Looking for £750 £600 or I'm open to trades around the 700 mark for the whole rig. 

I'd rather not split if at all possible but if I were to split them, I could do the amp head and footswitch for £450 and I could do the cab for £225.

Based near Castleford/Leeds. It'll have to be collection only due to the size of the cab but of course, this will have to be after lockdown has ended.
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