SOLD Reduced! EVH 5150 iii LBX ii amp head only (cab sold)

James1981James1981 Frets: 12
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Immaculate LBX ii - this is the version with green (clean) and blue (crunch) channels. Superb and extremely loud 15 all valve head which goes from excellent fender cleans through classic crunch on green and seriously full sounding gain on blue - this is a very saturated tone and great for hard rock and metal. Far more versatile than the original version. Has independent gain and volume for each channel, presence and rear resonance control for low end. Fx loop and 1/4 power mode which is great for quieter home jamming etc and really does keep the same tone. Supplied in original box. Superb package ideal for home and band use and the bonus of being portable and sounding epic! Cab originally listed sold so head only available. Reduced to £330 inc delivery. 

Open to close offers. 
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