FS/FT: Victoria 518 tweed champ 5F1

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Looking to sell or trade my Victoria 518, in excellent condition bought from Coda two months ago. This one was built in 2017 based on the S/N and is a handwired 5F1 tweed champ clone. Sounds much bigger and fuller than Fender's current '57 custom champ, due to build quality, parts, slightly larger cab and the WGS G8C it sports right now helps too. I'm located in Greece and the amp will be shipped via courier.

Straight sale price 830£ PPG, plus shipping.

Trade wise I'm after the following (trade value around 900£, depending on the case):

Revv D20 head
Universal Audio OX
Strymon Iridium
Pete Cornish G-2 battery-free
Delay (Analogman ARDX20, Skreddy Echo, Maxon AD999)
Tremolo (Strymon Flint, Surfy Industries Surfytrem, Basic Audio Throbby)
Reverb (Strymon Flint, Source Audio True Spring, Catalinbread Topanga)
Vibrato with momentary function (Chase Bliss Warped Vinyl, Boss VB-2W)

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