WITHDRAWN - Carr Mini Mercury with 10” Tayden Supertone Alnico £1195

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Very tentative sale/trade for my Carr Mini Mercury.

Immaculate 8 watt hand wired point to point class A combo.  This amp has the EL34 power valve fitted, I’ve put a brimar in V1 and an aftermarket Tayden Supertone 10” alnico.  Controls include - volume, bass, treble, reverb, attenuator, cut switch and boost.  Attenuator covers 1/10th, 1/2, 2 and 8 watts.

Amazingly rich and complex sound, only selling as my my newly purchased cab and head cover similar territory (and surprisingly work at bedroom levels).

 £1195 - will consider trades on low wattage hand wired tweed combo’s - rift/Victoria/gartone/lazy J etc, or for Suhr classic S

link to pictures:

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