SOLD 1979/1980 Park Lead 50 1x12 Combo

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A rare beast, this amp sounds incredible. It's like a plexi with a master volume and reverb in a nice 1x12 combo format.

One of the very best amps ive had the pleasure of owning but unfortunately it's not getting much use so I'm letting it go.

I believe this is a re-badged Marshall 2144 in a 1x12 format.

The amp is in good condition for it's age. It appears to be all original including the caps so it would probably benefit from a service. The gain pot has a slight crackle but the rest are fine. The valves are a mix of chinese 12ax7 and the el34s are old uk made ones. The reverb tank is accutronics.

There is switchable reverb and boost(the amp comes with a modern Marshall double switch). The speaker is a modern g12 heritage 30.

£625 delivered.

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