Fender Princeton Custom Solid Timber Cabs and baffles

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Hi all,

Ive cleaned this thread up, just selling hand made Princeton Cabs here now (you can PM me if you’re after something different).

Cab 1 - Aged/“antique” finish solid pine

If you have a Princeton 65 or 68 Reissue then your chassis will drop straight in but removing the 4 bolts in the top ”straps”, side the chassis out and into the new cab, replace straps and 4 bolts.

Depending on what look you are going for you can bolt your baffle (with speaker attached) straight in with four/six screws.

Alternatively if you wanted a birch ply baffle in 10” or 12” I have a couple left over from my build.

Price for the cab ready to take the chassis and baffle is £100 (pm if you would like a new baffle as well)

SOLD  two stock original Fender cabs, the 65 Cab is in excellent condition £35 and the 68 is in great condition with three small holes where the tilt legs were located £30



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