Sold: 4114 Effects/Danplifier Hand Wired Champ Clone - £400

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FS: @4114Effects hand made/wired Champ clone, acquired by me about 18 months ago, from the man himself.

Quality components throughout: turret board circuit with cloth-covered push back wire. Solid state rectification instead of valve - one less valve to replace, also gives it a slight headroom boost and tighter bass over a stock champ, apparently.

Built into a pine cabinet, thin front baffle - the whole thing is really resonant. Simple to get a great tone, just set the volume control where you want it and use the guitar knobs to fiddle around.

Amp is fitted with a Celestion Eight 15.

Now being used less after I acquired a Princeton, and need to reinject some liquidity after going slightly dotty over a Feline this week...

I reckon £400 seems fair for this hardwired beauty.  Based N London/Herts, but happy to discuss posting if necessary.  


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