(SOLD) FS Bad Cat Cub III Handwired 1 x 12 (price drop)

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Taken in a trade not all that long ago on here. It's a lovely amp, better in every way than my AC30S1, but I'm on a foolish mission to try and make an end to end British rig (yes, I know the AC30S1 in British in badge alone, it too will be on FS on here in good time!).

(was £1100) £1000 Delivered to your door. Or slightly less if you would be able to collect from Bethnal Green in East London (social distancing allowing), or possibly some other West London locations (I'm in Notting Hill, Chelsea, Queens Park and Little Venice at least once a week).

No trades for now, I need the cash! 

I hope the very nice and talented (he sent me link of him playing the amp!) @Jeebas will not mind me using his description and pics (they pretty much sum it up!)

The Cub III is a fantastically well-built and superb sounding British-voiced, all-valve, hand-wired, Vox AC15 style combo.

Features include:

- 15-Watt, Single Channel, Class A, All- Valve Combo
- Valves: 2x EL84, 1x EF86, 1x 12AX7, 1x GZ34
- K Master® circuit (attenuating master volume circuit which does not affect the dynamics or sound when the output stage is lowered)
- Foot-switchable EF86 or 12AX7 valves in the first pre-amp position
- Choice of 5-Way Rotary Tone switch or Treble & Bass Tone Stack with foot-switchable boost
- Double foot-switch included (to select between pre-amp valves and to engage a gain boost on the Treble & Bass Tone Stack).
- Cut control for overall presence
- Spring reverb circuit with a deep, full reverb
- Effects loop
- Cathode biased
- Bad Cat Celestion Speaker - made in the UK

The 'K Master' master volume circuit means this amp sounds amazing whether cranked or dialled right back to bedroom volumes.

And some of my own pics:


Happy to supply more pics too.


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