Cornford Hurricane for sale

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Bought new in 2005 from Holiday Music in London. Used in studios and very occasionally gigged but still in excellent condition. It’s a terrific combo that delivers tonally from clean to smooth overdrive. It’s the perfect blues amp that’s equally at home with pop, funk or soul.

Manufactured to the highest spec: hand built, point-to-point hand wired, solid pine cabinet, hand wound transformers, valve-powered three spring full-length Accutronics reverb. Quality.
Full specification:
• All valve, single channel, cathode biased class A/B combo with solid-state rectification. Covered in Custom-made ox-blood vinyl.
• Output power: 20 watts.

• Power valves: 2 x EL84.

• Preamp valves: 4 x 12AX7.
• Speakers: 1 x 12”

The internal speaker is a 70th Anniversary Special Edition Celestion G12H – much smoother than the original Vintage 30. It’s also been revalved with a set of JJ Tesla valves (4 x ECC83s, 2 x EL84) and has a new handle.
Soft cover included along with the reverb footswitch.

Pick up from Somersham, Cambs.

£550 or nearest offer
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