SOLD Positive Grid Spark Amp

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Brought this simply to try as I've used a THR and Vox Adio so was interested to know how it compares and if I would prefer using it over the a Helix and monitors that I currently use for home practice for convenience as that setup, whilst it sounds great, takes up a lot of space and is not movable. However decided probably won't keep it as I like the Helix so much, although some of the models in the Spark sound more accurate than some in the Helix to my ears in some respects.

So its totally as new in the box with everything it came with. Only thing I did is update it to the latest firmware.

Lots of reviews/demos/discussions on the net however if your looking at this I guess you know all about it and what it does but if not check out 

No idea what the wait time is for these now or cost new (brought this used but unopened/used by the original purchaser) so just looking to get my money back.

£380 + postage which I assume would be around £15 or so Parcel force

Looking on eBay they seem to currently go for around £400 - £450 given the demand. 

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