FS: Cornell 2x10 custom cab to suit 18/20. MInty!!

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Used for one short tour before I bought a Gartone combo which obviated the need for this.

Commissioned from Denis in 2017 in black (not green) tolex, salt and pepper cloth and pine cabinet. Has circular brass plates to protect when stacked.  There is a texture visible (knots?) in the pine top but this was the way it was made.An organic touch, perhaps.... :-)

2 speakers are Jensen JCH10-70s (for tone variety over my combo's Celestions) and it is designed to look visually exactly like the 18/20 2x10 combo which I still have (for now..) 

24" wide x 20" high x 9" deep.

It may be used side by side or as a beautiful mini stack.  I absolutely don't want to sell but I am letting it goas I have too much gear that isn't being used.

Comes with Hot Covers soft cover (c.£40 retail).

£350 - Collection from London SE22, with cash or bank transfer, please.

I can email pics to anyone seriously interested.

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