TEMPORARILY WITHDRAWN: Fuchs ODS 30 head and 1x12 EV12L cab. Collection from HP5 2QA

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For sale after a pleasure filled 4 years of ownership is my Fuchs ODS 30 head and cab. A stunning Dumble style amp. 2 Channels, reverb and buffered effects loop all included. Being the 30w model can run on both 4 x 6v6 (30w) or 2 x 6L6 (40w) cathode biased so each change. This also comes with a matching Fuchs 1x12 with a vintage EVM12L speaker, not sure of year but it's an SLX version, whatever that means, so post 300 serial number.

This style of amp is all about pre amp distortion so it's not as important to have the master volume cranked, which is the main reason it worked for me in my small study at home.I have never taken it out of the house and judging by the condition I doubt it has ever been gigged.

It was after watching the following video (long and a bit tiresome at times but worth a watch) where Andy Fuchs demos the amp that I felt the urge to have one. I picked mine up here on the FB back in July 2016.


It is a reassuringly weighty bit of kit and is for collection only from my work place (my other half is not keen on visitors to the house right now) in Chesham HP5 2QA. It would have to be between 5pm and 6pm Monday to Friday or could meet you there on a Saturday/Sunday at just about any time, I can have a guitar there but your welcome to bring your own to try it out with.

Also, might be up for meeting up, within a 45 minute drive, at a convenient location, though  of course you wont be able to try it out this way.

Pics show how good the condition is:









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