SOLD: MJW V6-20 Prototype. My Personal Amp.

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Now that my gigging days are behind me, and I don't even play guitar much, I'm clearing my stuff out.
Reluctant to sell this, as it has a fair bit of sentimental value to me, but it's sat on a shelf getting dusty and in the way, so it need a new home.
Built in early 2007, this is MJW #7 and is the prototype for the V6-20, which is a 20W Marshall JTM/JMP switchable, with a Blues/Rock mode switch. This switches preamp elements to either JTM45 (Blues) mode, or JMP50 (Rock) mode.
It also has a master volume and bright and normal gains as per a Marshall, but only 1 input with the bright/normal gains effective all the time, like a 'jumpered' Marshall.
It has a pair of TAD 6V6 output valves. In the preamp it has an EH 12AY7 in V1, and 2 x Marshall branded Chinese ECC83 in V2 and V3. These have been in for years and sound great. You can put a 12AX7 in V1 for a little more gain, but I like the lower gain 12AY7 better.

This particular amp has an unbuffered effects insert point on the back panel, which is intended for rack effects.
The amp has done hundreds of gigs and rehearsals since 2007 being my mainstay in various bands, usually as a pedal platform, but occasionally just being let rip. It is loud enough for most venues un-mic'd, giving enough headroom for solos with a loudish band. However you can also practise with it, no problem. It's been virtually 100% reliable, barring 1 valve that developed a crackle, and should continue to do so for many years.
Internally, it's no oil painting, having been altered and modified as you'd expect with a prototype.
However it's good and solid, with good quality components, and I was always happy to throw this in the back of the car knowing it wouldn't let me down.
Transformers are Danbury, with an overspec 36W Mains, and a Hammond choke.

As seen here, and check out the V6-20 playlist, all the videos feature it:

Any takers at £350?
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